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Traditional Feminine Healthcare Expert specializing in Postnatal Recovery

Mom / Wellness & Nutrition

Valerie Lynn is one of the leading New Motherhood Recovery Experts in the United States. She is an Expert on Traditional Feminine Healthcare specializing in Postnatal Recovery. Valerie, known as The Mommy Planner, has been a major force in introducing and modernizing traditional after birth recovery practices, more specifically the Malay traditions and treatments, to women globally. Through her own 15-month experience of postpartum anxiety and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) after the birth of her son in 2007 while living in Malaysia, a country with the lowest rates of postpartum depression in the world at just 3%.. Valerie turned to traditional feminine healthcare to re-balance her post-baby hormones and heal herself naturally through herbs, feminine-focused treatments and an enriching diet. Valerie has benefited first-hand from Eastern medical practices while living in Asia for over 16 years and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for twelve of those years. She researched, wrote and published her first book, The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body Naturally Using Women’s Traditional Wisdom in Malaysia by way of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Traditional Complementary Medicine department. Valerie conducted research in hospitals and in the field. Malaysia is leading the world in after birth care as it’s Maternal Health Care Policy provides each new mother (who gives birth in a public hospital) 6-free, 2-hour body massage, treatments and abdominal wrappings and feminine-focused medical care. The result is Malaysia has one of the lowest rates of postpartum depression in the world at just 3.9%. The Mommy Plan is endorsed by several leading childbirth educational organizations in the U.S. and internationally. Valerie’s subsequent cookbook-in-development, The Mommy Plan Recipe Book: Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New Moms, contains recipes based on the postnatal nutritional guidelines in her first book. Recipes from this book are part of her Traditional Postpartum Practitioner/Doula (TPP) course. The TPP course introduces the modernization of traditional postnatal recovery practices which addresses a new mother’s post-baby dietary needs, body therapies and treatments that aids the body to recover in a stronger, faster and more balanced manner as well as lifestyle adjustments that will positively impact the progress of recuperation. Valerie also offers lunch and learn talk for corporate and government - The Mommy Plan Workshop – Optimizing Maternity Leave – A Roadmap to Post-Pregnancy Recovery. She created a 30-day recovery program for new mothers, The Mommy Plan Program, and represents an all-natural line of new mommy centered recovery products in her New Mommy Wellness Kit and Mommy Wrap, which is a postpartum abdominal binder based on the longer traditional design. Valerie is launching Maternity Healthcare Solutions in early 2017. Valerie, as a Maternity Consultant and home healthcare educator, is working with insurance companies to bring maternity education and services to expecting families that are covered by insurance. Valerie has held positions such as Executive Director of the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Principal of VLM Consultancy where she was provided strategic consultancy services for foreign companies entering the Malaysian and APEC markets. She has a Masters’ degree in Economic Development of Southeast Asia from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), U.K. Valerie serves on several organizations. She is part of the Board of Directors of the distinguished Malaysian NGO YASNITA, “Women’s Pathway to Success” where she serves as an International Advisor on Postpartum Recovery Practices. She is International Country (PSI) Volunteer Co-coordinator for Malaysia of Postpartum Support International, a global organization in 138 countries. She is a Board Member of the International Maternity Institute and the After-Birth Project in the U.S. Valerie regularly contributes to articles, books, training programs. She aspires to improve the maternity services through the feminine-focus and healing-care of new mothers in the United States and globally which, she believes, will reduce the high rates of PMAD (Postpartum Mental & Anxiety Disorders). She is an approved speaker for Johnson & Johnson. Valerie resided abroad for over 20 years with 16 years in Asia. She has lived in Japan, UK, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia. Currently Valerie resides in Brooklyn, New York and regularly travels to Malaysia, Australia and Southeast Asia.


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