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Zumbini Time: 6 Week Fall Session

Ed / Mommy Ed

About the Zumbini® program: Designed for kids ages 0-4, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45-minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding and fun. Each 6 week session comes with a songbook, cd, plush toy and access to the Zumbini app. When: Thursdays 9:30am-10:15am, Saturdays 9:00am-9:45am. Pricing: $135/6 classes About Fit Kids Stage: Driven by a shared vision to foster creativity and confidence in children from early childhood and beyond, certified educators Tsion Teckle and Sylvia Boyle founded Fit Kids Stage in 2014. The duo have dedicated every year since its inception to their mission, passionately creating and sharing innovative children's programming to families and children within the DC, MD & VA areas. More info @


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