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Kind Academy

Ed / Mommy Ed

Our programs feature classes for preschool and homeschool children in the Broward Area. We believe in teaching the whole child and focus on engaging, fun, and memorable experiences that your child will take home with them. Our Reggio Emilia inspired preschool classes are nature-based where we incorporate Literature, STEAM, and Social Skills. We do things like science experiments, music and movement, and art. The children in this program are from ages 2-6 years old. Our homeschool classes are longer days where the children have the chance to grow and develop into positive, happy people. We teach things like Kindness to Self (through meditation, yoga, nutrition, and exercise) Kindness to Each other (through conflict resolution, peace education, service projects, and diversity) and Kindness to the World (through Nature Adventures and Ecology Instruction). The children in this age group are 5 years and up. It is currently a 1 day a week program but will grow to add more days in the future.     


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