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Holistic Healing With Amanda

Mom / Wellness & Nutrition

I am a mom of three (including a set of twins) that is all about holistic health and living the best life possible. After having an early hysterectomy I decided enough was enough and I took action with mine and my family's health. We live a holistic healing life with great food, exercise, great mindset and travel. But believe me, life gets real at times. We take it in stride now, used to it just stressed all of us out! Things have changed quite a bit and we live a more easy going, in the flow life! I now help moms live the life they want, all the while feeling good while doing it! After I had my early hysterectomy I found myself anxiety driven, depressed and unhealthy. I knew life had to be better than what I was experiencing. So I took my years of nutrition and fitness knowledge and of course my own personal experiences and created a way to help mamas just like me.  So many moms tell me they won't travel because they do not feel good about themselves or have the energy to plan, much less go on the vacation. Or the mom that tells me she won't go to the pool with her kids because she doesn't want to get into a swimsuit. Or the mom that tells me she doesn't have the money to travel and is so stressed out, but wants to give her kids the perfect life. Look mama I get it, but that isn't living life to its fullest!  I help moms feel confident and secure in their bodies through mind, body and spirt. Through holistic living I can help you find the time to workout, eat right and have the proper mindset to achieve your goals, any goals. Whether it is losing weight, overcoming an obstacle in your life, needing more money in your life or if you just need a friend to understand, I am there for you. You have to have the faith to overcome, the faith in yourself, the faith in the life you want to live and the faith in becoming who you want to be. If you do not have the faith yet, no worries, I can help you get there!


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