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PCT One-Day Childbirth Class

Ed / Mommy Ed

One-day Childbirth Class!  Learn all you need to know in only ONE day!  8am-5pm.  Taught in Boca Raton, Florida.  Learn about the remainder of your pregnancy, what to expect at hospital, what to pack, options for birth, vaginal delivery, cesarean section, birthing balls, epidurals, umbilical cord stem cell collection, how to take care of mom after birth, the newborn, how to swaddle, crib safety, car seat safety, and so much more!  Fee includes a workbook for you to take home as a resource.  The fee is only $99 for a pregnant woman.  One guest is allowed for free!  Come!  Laugh, have fun, and learn from a Labor & Delivery Nurse with 27+ years experience!  Private childbirth class as well as private INFANT CPR class also available in your home. My entire career has been built on my passion is to care for mothers prior, during and after childbirth.  As an advocate of women, I enjoy helping women and their support people learn about all their options, choices, and possible experiences during birth!!


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