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Safety for Your Family- Training for Schools, Businesses, Police and Civilians

Ed / Mommy Ed

Company Overview Guardian Defense offers active threat response training programs designed and tailored specifically for schools, colleges/university, places of worship, hospitals, businesses and law enforcement officers. Our programs transform the way employers and staff respond to an active threat. We also offer workshops for civilians. The information presented is so important for moms to learn so that they can feel confident that they can protect their children when in public! Guardian Defense was founded in 2013 by current law enforcement officer, Steven S. Smith. Distressed by the tragic events such as the Beslan school hostage crisis in Beslan, North Ossetia-Alaina, Russia, and the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Detective Smith created the A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) School Program to give the true “first responders” (faculty and staff) the confidence to cope with critical incidents on school grounds until professional first responders (police and fire) arrive. This program was first implemented at a private school in Florida in 2013, and has since been implemented to thousands of schools and workplaces. The ACT School Program has now evolved to become the Active Threat Response Program and offers a variety of suitable options for every staff size and working professional. Guardian Defense also expanded to offer single officer response training to current law enforcement officers. Our programs are intended for any school or private business wanting to enhance the safety at their establishment; as well as for armed professionals who have a duty to respond and eliminate a threat. Please look around our website to learn how we empower staff to ACT! Mission Statement To empower faculty and staff with the knowledge, tactics, and philosophies necessary to protect and defend innocent lives and minimize mass casualties in the event of an intruder, active killer, or other terror attack.


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