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Parenting Coach - Alison Astair

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Alison Astair MSW, parenting coach has had over 35 years helping families. She has been featured on Channel 4 and quoted in numerous blogs, providing her expertise on parenting issues. She has been helping families with children of all ages, for the past 24 years. Working with children and parents in their home has been shown to be much more effective, producing faster results. Her innovative techniques and customization to each family's particular needs have proven successful time after time. "Giving parents the tools to use helps reduce the stress and makes parenting a more positive experience. In as few as four home visits, you'll learn techniques that will help your home run more smoothly and help your child become more successful." If you live in my area I can see you for home visits. In four short weeks, your family life will improve. You'll feel in control once again while you and your child moves onto a more successful path. I also help families all over the country via phone or internet visits. *Are you frustrated and not enjoying your child as much as you thought you would? *Is parenting much more work than you ever believed it would be? *Are you embarrassed when your child acts up in public? *Are the problems with your child's behavior coming between you and your partner? *Have you become the "yeller" that you never thought you'd be?


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