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Pediatrician, Dr. Edna Tello

Dr / Holistic Pediatricians

About Dr. Edna Dr. Edna Tello is a board certified, licensed pediatrician and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry and Spanish from the University of Miami and attended the University of Connecticut medical school, staying to complete her residency at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Upon her return to South Florida, Dr. Tello joined a large, flourishing practice where she discovered the need for a more personal, customized approach to medicine that emphasized education and prevention, and family over finances. Why Dr. Edna is passionate about helping moms: Dr. Edna Tello provides no less than the best. Her service is personal, professional, and special. She delivers individualized and exceptional quality care in the comfort of your home. This allows the opportunity for her to listen to mom and dad, take the time to examine the patient, and answer all questions relating to the health of a newborn, or even about that teenager that may be giving you a hard time. Dr. Tello helps facilitate a referral to a specialist, special agency, or lab when needed, in a very efficient and considerate manner in order to provide continuity of care.


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