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Jennifer, Lizzy's Garden Baby Food

Mom / Household Help

We care about what your baby eats! We are dedicated to providing quality organic baby food in stages that your baby will love. By providing 100% USDA certified organic baby food, you can trust that your baby is receiving the finest ingredients. NO Fillers, NO Artificial Flavors, NO Pesticides and NO Preservatives! About Jennifer I'm married, with two daughters that mean the world to me. Founder/owner of an organic baby food company Lizzy's Garden® that was inspired by my youngest daughter Elizabeth. I'm so very excited to share this dream with others in hopes to establish healthier eating habits for infants and toddlers everywhere. Why Jennifer is passionate about helping moms: I am a mother and understand that receiving a helping hand can go a long way. I am committed to assisting parents with establishing a healthier eating habit for the little ones by producing USDA certified organic baby food.


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