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Dr. Adam Tedder

Dr / Chiropractors

I am Chiropractor who loves to take cares of children and their families! In my specialty, I focus on the intimate relationship between the upper cervical (Top two bones) of the spine and their role in protecting the brain-stem portion of the spinal cord. The Brainstem is the "Houston Control" of the body and regulates, or plays a role, in just about every function of the body. When these two bones misaligned due to some form of outside stress or injury, the pressure they create on the brain-stem can inhibit the body's ability to function at it's optimum, or even create a disease state in the body. I love taking care of kids and seeing how they respond so well to chiropractic care. Conditions I have seen respond to my care include, but are not limited to, ear infections, migraines, seizures, colic, digestive problems, scoliosis, torticollis, and much more. Babies and children often incur their first misalignment during the birth process, especially in a traumatic situation such as a c-section or other high-risk situation. It's important for children to be checked soon after to birth to check the alignment of their spine to create an optimal nerve system function and overall health of the baby. I also take care of many parents before and after birth. The pregnancy, birth and postpartum are very stressful in many ways. It is important for the parents to be healthy as possible during these times. It is my goal to help families have the best experience possible while going through this amazing life-changing time!


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