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About Lisa Dr. Lisa been under regular chiropractic care since birth; she has never taken any drugs or been vaccinated. ...She's never been seriously ill or had any allergies, asthma or any other conditions most of my childhood friends had. Dr. Lisa been to Nicaragua 2 times on chiropractic mission trips. There are 12 chiropractors in her family, and most of the people at her wedding were chiropractors! In other words, chiropractic is her life. Dr. Lisa was born and raised in Boca Raton, FL. She has 3 younger sisters. Two of her grandparents are Italian and she loves embracing that family heritage in her life, especially spending time cooking with her grandma! Dr. Lisa grew up enjoying the Girl Scouts, chorus, and mathematics. She even tutored other students. She thinks that's when she developed a love for teaching. Dr. Lisa graduated high school with an International Baccalaureate diploma. She says it was one of the most challenging things of her childhood, but she's grateful for the opportunity to learn about hard work at such an early age. In Chiropractic school, she also had the opportunity to serve as president of the only professional chiropractic sorority on campus. Dr. Lisa developed a very unique business immediately after graduating chiropractic school, in which she would cover other doctors practices while they were on vacation or for longer periods, like maternity leave. Because it's not easy to find good doctors to trust your practice to in your absence, it didn't take long before she was very busy. To-date, she's had the blessing of running 15 different practices. She credits this valuable experience of seeing such a wide variety of cases so early in her career for much of who she is as a doctor today. She says, "One of the things I love about our practice are the families. We love taking care of lots of kids and expectant mothers, and we will strive to continue developing the practice in this direction." Dr. Lisa am continually seeking post-graduate training in her passion, prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. Only a small fraction of the profession is experienced in these areas, and as a result, almost half of her practice members are kids. She has even been asked, and graciously accepted to attend the births of several of her practice members to attend to the chiropractic needs of the mother during labor; as well as to check the new born immediately following his or her very stressful experience of coming into the world. She states that, while she loves her practice members of all ages from the brand new; to the very wise, caring for the health of moms and babies is what brings the greatest joy to her heart. 10 yrs experience, Available for Short Notice, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Pregnancy and Parenting Coaching, Doctor Of Chiropractic, Activator Technique, Intrauterine constraint techniques. Why Lisa is passionate about helping moms: I know how confusing it can be to make the best prenatal and newborn decisions for your child. I love helping moms on that journey, and ensuring they're spine and nervous system is at peak function to create and deliver the healthiest child possible. ...And then of course being blessed with the honor of caring for the health of that child as he or she grows.


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