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Nurturing Their Superpower: Parenting ADHD with Understanding

Michelle McVittie


Online Courses

Parenting a child with ADHD is a different level of parenting. Michelle has been working in pediatric mental health for over fifteen years and has packed this program with videos, practical tips, and downloadable workbooks and worksheets. This on-demand program is ready when you are!



"Why am I like this?" It's heartbreaking to hear from your child. There is something YOU can do! Understanding WHY they are struggling and WHAT you can do to help them, is the first step. They need a support team around them. Systems in place and people who are patient with them. This self-paced course breaks down into 6 modules to guide you through parenting ADHD and/or Neurodivergent Child with a more patient and understanding approach. With a combination of worksheets for your child, workbooks, and video lessons you will learn how the ADHD brain works, how to get them to LISTEN, how to create structure and independence, handle big emotions and aggression, help them build relationships with friends and siblings, how to advocate for them, and More!

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