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Michelle McVittie


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You are not alone in your journey. Break free from feeling unheard, unsupported and overwhelmed and shift into your power. You were a person before you became a parent, remember her? This mini program will help you organize, delegate, plan and give yourself the compassion and love you give to your child. If you are ready to make a change this program will help you get there!



Change can be hard, but you're worth it! You are already doing great things. When your children need more we tend to feel it has to come from us. The overwhelm can take over and then we forget to do anything but be a caregiver. Michelle has taken her experience and knowledge working in pediatric medical and mental health for over twenty years and gives you practical tips to help you through your journey of parenting an exceptional child. This on-demand program will shift you from overwhelmed to feeling heard, empowered and confident with new tools for your parenting tool box. What Will You Learn? 11 bite-sized videos with practical action steps and downloadable charts Module 1: BUILD RESILIENCY: Resiliency can be taught, I will show you how and what steps to take. Module 2: ANSWERING QUESTIONS WITH REASURANCE AND COMPASSION: As your children grow, they will ask questions, and they may start to notice they have different needs or can't do what other children do. This can be a hard journey to go on with your child. As a child life specialist, this is my speciality! Education is key to empowerment. Module 3: ADVOCATE FOR YOUR CHILD/TEEN: Build your team and go from being unheard to heard. Module 4: SIBLING CONFLICT: Your children may love each other but they may not understand each other. Build connection and compassion between siblings. Module 5: PUTTING ON YOUR OXYGEN MASK, LETTING GO OF GUILT TO FILL YOUR CUP Your caregiver role is an important one. Your child/teen needs you, but you can't do it all. Before you became a parent you were a person, remember her? Self-care, self-compassion and time management will help you transition from burnout to self-love and fulfilment on your terms.

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