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New Mom Guide

Trish Martin



Becoming a new mum is special and exciting – yet potentially daunting. And so, this guide is just for you Whether you are expecting or already have your baby earth side. This ebook will guide you through the first few weeks postpartum. Easy to follow and written for you to help make decisions that suit your needs.



I often hear from new mums that there isn’t enough information or tools to help navigate the postpartum period. They are often left to figure everything out for themselves. This isn’t the way it’s meant to be This guide will help you feel more empowered to be able to enjoy your baby and your new journey. Inside the guide there are links to products and blogs to help extend further knowledge. Remember you are important. Plus you can also email me if you wish to chat about the book or your postnatal plan. New Mum Guide What’s included  How to look after you and trust your intuition  Bonding  Postnatal Planning  Baby Blues  Lactation  Milk production and so much more

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