Potty Training Mom Fail

th-2My girlfriends brag about their kids potty training like it is natural and easy.
Not so in my house.  My two year old started going on the potty and then her new baby sister was born….and it fell by the wayside.

Having kids 24 months apart, I honestly have not had the time or energy to deal with potty training.  I tell the truth here at ihelpmoms.com, so I will tell you my toddler would say she needed to go, but I was breastfeeding the baby so I couldn’t just get up and help.  It was an overwhelming feeling to have two such little beings, needing you for important things simultaneously!

th-2I am definitely thankful for Cambridge School, as the teachers partnered with me to help my daughter potty train. I told the teacher she started wanting to only wear underwear and she started going #1 on her own accord.  So, this last week her teacher cheered her on and with their encouragement she started going #1 & #2 in the potty on her own.

Today we were getting ready for a birthday party and I wanted her to wear a pull up as it was our first ‘outing’ in public and I didn’t want an accident in a public place!  But my two year old refused to wear one, so I respected her wishes to just wear her princess panties.

She told me she had to pee at the party and my heart started racing.  I covered the toilet in SO much toilet paper.  She peed like a pro and we were back partying.  5 minutes later she said she had to pee again.  Huh?  I was so confused as she just went.  I diverted her attention and pointed her in the direction of the birthday fun.  All of the sudden I smell it.  Oh. My. Gosh. NOOOOOOOOO! I run her to the bathroom and I look down to my horror and her #2 is ALL OVER MY WHITE PANTS.

It was honestly a bad, bad, smelly, dirty nightmare.  If I was at home I wouldn’t care, but I did NOT want to ruin another child’s birthday party!  I pull my pants up SO high to hide it under the bottom hem of my shirt.   I wipe her down and then strategically position her in front of my leg to hide the accident so we can sing happy birthday and get the heck out.

Much to my continued horror, the moms at the party all start saying out loud, “someone has a poop poo”!  I am sweating that all of them are chiming in searching for who went poo poo as it is on the front of my pants! I want to sink through the floor with embarrassment.  I continue to walk with my daughter in front of my leg, give the birthday host a hug and run out the door.

I literally wrap my toddler in a changing paper pad and put her in her car seat.  Did you ever see that Sex and The City episode where Aidan’s dog gets diarrhea and Carrie puts a diaper on it……that is what this looks like.

We make it home and I put her straight in the bathtub and go to bleach my pants.
Lessons learned on this potty training journey:
1.  Even if it doesn’t make sense when you child says they have to go.  GO!  Better to be safe than sorry.
2.  Don’t make your child feel bad.  They are learning.  I told her she did a good job telling me and mommy messed up not going back in with her.  Patience. Patience. Patience.
3.  A BIG incentive definitely worked for her to go #1 AND #2 on the potty.  We did small rewards, and charts, but until I put a BIG carrot out there (which was a mommy daughter trip without her little sis) she potty trained on her own.
4.  Sh*t happens in motherhood.  Smile and nod when your friends brag about their kid going on the potty and remember every child gets there eventually.  What was I rushing it for when I just ended up getting pooped on today anyways?!

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