Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression

As moms we love to pretend we have it all together. But after over coming postpartum depression myself, I can honestly say that was a deep black hole that I could not get out of on my own. The days would go by in a haze, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I didn’t want to hold baby and daily felt like I was drowning. Thank goodness for placenta pills, my doula, family, mommy therapists all rallied around me to help me regain my happy, healthy self.

I tell the truth here at and I want those moms out there to know that there are AMAZING resources to help you if you are facing postpartum depression or anxiety surrounding your birth. Don’t suffer silently.

Our mom therapists are FREE to search. Here is a fantastic story from a mom of twins who sought out help from mommy therapist Marcela Topf BEFORE she gave birth to ensure she had a beautiful birth experience!

“When you pray hard, God listens to your prayers. During my 30 weeks of my twin pregnancy, I developed a lot of anxiety due to the fact I was placed on bed rest. My high risk OB advised me to talk to a therapist and recommend me Marcela. After I spoke to her over the phone, I realized that I needed her help. After our first appointment, I started to feel better and better. She is not only a great professional but an amazing person. One of the things that I could notice is that she is the type of therapist that listen and doesn’t judge. During 2 months from my 30 weeks to the 38 weeks of pregnancy, we tried different techniques to overcome this rough journey. Today I am certain that without her help, it would have been very difficult time for me and my babies. Thank you Marcela for being with me during this time.”

If you or someone you know wants to be happier and less stressed connect to our family therapists. They specialize in helping moms just like us!
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