Pornography - the talk

Pornography – the talk

Pornography talkThis is a tough subject, because as we look down at our new little baby we don’t want to think about anything that will harm our perfect little child. But with everything it is best to face it head on. We started talking to our boys at the age of 7. Little pieces of information as they are ready.  This has helped us keep an open line of communication.

So as you look at your small child that will grow and need to have questions answered keep this in the back of your mind. Or if you have some that are a bit older, here is a good place to start.

Pornography is a tough subject because you want to talk about it but you don’t want to spark their curiosity in it. This filthy thing is running rampant in our society, and we as parents need to head it off. So here are some points to think about…

*Many kids have been exposed to pornography by the age of 9.{ My huband was like 7 and that was because he had older brothers that brought it into the house.}

*It’s easy to view because the internet is so easy.

*It doesn’t matter how well we protect our house when they are with someone else they can be exposed to it.

Here is what we wanted our boys to know…

*Sex is a wonderful thing, and yes it feels good.

*Pornography is dirty and not what a real relationship is.

*Pornography is as addictive as any drug you put into your body, but unlike a drug that will leave, the images in your brain are there forever. {we talked about memories they had from 5 years ago that they still remember}

*We talked about what to do when they are at a friends house and they see it {along with this we also pointed out that if they were ever in a bad situation we would come get them -no questions asked- }

*We talked about the computers here at our house and what they should do if something ever popped up. {you come and get mom or dad and we’ll get it shut off…. We told them that they have 100% trust in us, but if they break that they lose all trust, and we told them that dad knows how to check the history on the computer to find what they have been looking at. We know that pornography is there and sometimes it just comes up, but if they are sneaky about it is when they will be in trouble}

*We also talked about the wonderful gift of our body and that we are not to be ashamed of our body, but it is just that, OURS and we shouldn’t be looking at other peoples body and nobody should be ours. And also that changing a diaper is not pornography as with bathing the littles

*No matter what happens they are always a child of God.

*We also talked that if they are ever caught in the awful trap of pornography that they can change, that it will take work, but it is worth it.

*Answer all questions they have

Find where their base line is at, if they know what is or have even been exposed to it you’ll want to come at it from a different angle. Be honest {even when it’s embarrassing} they need to know they can trust you to tell the truth even with the hard questions that make us as parents uncomfortable. Set the guidelines clearly… give no wiggle room on this.

It’s a tough subject because as parents we don’t ever want to think that our child will be exposed to this, or that it will be a vice that they have to overcome, but sadly it’s the world we live in.

Final note…Just like we talk about guns, sex and sexual abuse this is not a one time talk.

Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

Leah is mom to 6 kids, 5 boys and a girl. She also blogs over at socks & shoes NOT required