Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters

How to help picky eaters

Do you have a picky eater in your house?? If not I think you are lucky. I think most kids go through a picky phase, sometimes it lasts just a short time other times it gets much longer than parents would like. It can make for a stressful dinner when you are battling a picky eater.

Usually if there is one picky food it’s something that can be worked around other times there are so many foods that it make cooking a difficult task every time a meal comes around.

With 8 people in our family I don’t have time to make 8 different meals every time we eat. We all eat the same meal, together.

Here are some ideas that can help with picky eater to make meal time an enjoyable time.

*Pay attention to what they eat, chance are if they eat something and then stop it is a phase and they will grow out of it. We have had two kids that have all of a sudden stop eating meat. They would one day and the next they don’t. They have picked the meat out of everything… all kinds of meat, chicken, fish, beef, and pork. I don’t worry about this because they have eaten it, and then didn’t. Usually within a couple of months they are eating everything again

*Find out why they don’t like something. Is there a reason or do they just not like it? I have one that doesn’t like “tomato goop”… the insides. So I scoop those out and the tomatoes are fine.

*Have the kids help with preparing the food. Let them cut, stir, and flip whatever you are making. Let them take some ownership in the meal.

*Try new foods NOT during dinner. Dinner should be a fun time with family, eating and good conversation. Adding new foods at dinner time and trying to convince a child to try it can take away from the enjoyment of dinner. Instead…try new foods at lunch time, or as a snack, try them when you are outside so there are more distractions so they are not focusing solely on the new food.

*Cook the new food in different ways. Maybe seaming a new vegetable doesn’t go over well… next time try grilling, or roasting the veggie.

*Only put a little on a plate. A heaping scoop of something can be overwhelming. Put just one piece or a very small scoop of what you are serving on a plate.

*Don’t serve all new things at once. Have two things that are familiar and liked, and one thing that is new.

*Remember dipping is fun! Kids like to dip things… I have no idea why, but they do. So instead of the usual ketchup, have them dip into hummas, or a salsa, maybe a tezzeki yogurt or even just some balsamic vinegar and oil. Put things in little bowls and let them dip away.

*Just keep trying. Even if noses get turned up the first time…. Or the tenth time just keep trying and serving it.

I do not make separate meals for the family, it is an all or nothing thing. The quickest way to undo all the work that you do to have your kids try different foods is to make something different for your child. {When I do want to make something nice for just my husband and I, I will make something for the kids and then I we eat later, but I only do that about once a month} The biggest thing really is to just keep trying and offering new things.


Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

Leah also writes over at Socks & Shoes NOT Required