Perfect Summer Popsicles For Kids

Perfect Summer Popsicles For Kids

11403105_10154173248081808_2344976283690689358_nHere’s a fun summer recipe you can enjoy with your kids!

By Renee of Green Eggs and Kale!
Banana Popsicles
2 bananas
1 yogurt (organic, no sugar added)
4 handfuls of sprouted cereal (like One Degree cocoa rice)
4 wooden craft sticks
Paper plate
Plastic wrap or wax paper
Zip-top plastic bag
1 ) Put a sheet of plastic wrap or wax paper on a paper plate. You will put your Popsicles on this plate at the end.
Get the crumbs ready.
2 ) Put the cereal into the plastic bag. Zip the bag closed. Make sure it is closed tight.
3 ) Crush the cereal into crumbs.
4 ) Open the bag. Pour the crumbs onto a plate.
Get the yogurt ready.
6 ) Open the yogurt. Stir the yogurt to make it creamy.
7 ) Use a spoon to put the yogurt in the bowl.
Get the bananas ready.
8 ) Peel the bananas.
9 ) Break the bananas in half.
Make handles for your Popsicles.
10 ) Push 1 craft stick halfway into the big, flat end of a banana piece. Ask a grown-up for help.
11 ) Put 1 stick in each banana piece.
Build your Popsicles.
12 ) Hold the stick of 1 banana.
13 ) Dip the banana into the yogurt. Get yogurt all over the banana.
14 ) Roll the banana in the cereal crumbs. Get crumbs all over the banana.
15 ) Put the banana on the paper plate with wrap.
16 ) Do the same thing with all of the bananas.
Freeze your Popsicles.
17 ) Put the paper plate with the bananas in the freezer.
18 ) Wait for 2 hours.
Now you can eat your banana Popsicle!

Thanks to Green Eggs and Kale for this fun, family recipe!

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