Parenting High Performance Kids

Parenting High Performance Kids

1.  Are parents the most crucial factor in developing high performance kids?

Yes. We are the biggest factor, aside from our kids. Our role is really important. We can make the difference from helping them create an experience where they thrive and succeed and love to creating an environment of pain, frustration and disappointment. 

But first we have to get clear on our why and that will help us understand our role. 

Ask yourself this: Why am I involved? Why does this matter to me? Why does my kid want to do it? This will help you all navigate with clarity. 

When the parents goals and the kids goals are in alignment: those are the ones who have the most success! 

2.  What can we do to help them grow up to be successful? 

Have clarity on where you’re going and who is going to support you and your child is key. 

  1. Goal alignment 
  2. Emotional support 
  3. Communication: teach them to use their voice and find the person that can help them  
  4. Role transition 

3 questions to help navigate the emotional experience when our kids have a challenge 

  1. Does this need to be said? 
  2. Does this need to be said by me? 
  3. Does this need to be said by me right now? 

3.  When it comes to watching from the sidelines, what is the best way I can support them? 

How we speak to our kids becomes their inner dialogue. 

Shine a flashlight on where they excel and let THEM be the ones that tell you where they need to get better. 

I love to watch you play is one of the most powerful and meaningful things we can say to our children. It’s that simple!

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Marcela and Michelle 

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