Palms Birth House

Palms Birth House

What does the typical birth room include? Our birth suites have an eclectic and serene feel. Each has been decorated to provide comfort and function.

Stella’s Hibiscus House is a beautiful blue with full sized bed, seating for family and our preferred birth tub, The Eco Birth Pool. Fluffy the fish will keep you company and provides a good focal point. Amongst the furnishings are hidden medical equipment that can be accessed in a flash, although rarely used. Stepping into Lois’ Orange Blossom Suite is like stepping in to your favorite B&B. A full sized bed and rocker make it a cozy place to have a baby. It too offers the Eco Birth Tub. This suite is a family favorite. Both offer private oversized bathrooms.

At what point do you recommend that a woman comes to the birth house in her labor process? Mom’s are encouraged to come to the birth center once in active labor. A good indication is strong contracts lasting over 1 minute, every 4-5 minutes.

What equipment does a birth center have to assist with labor and delivery? In the unlikely event we need it, we have oxygen, suturing supplies including local anesthetic, and medications to treat postpartum hemorrhage, and group beta strep. We also carry vitamin K and eye ointment for baby. Our midwives are CPR and neonatal resuscitation certified and carry all the equipment that may be needed in an emergency.

Do you use the midwife at the facility or can you bring in your own? Our facility is a private practice. We have 3 midwives in house to assure that each mom is cared for by someone that they can connect with and trust.

What happens in case of an emergency? While midwives primarily provide care to low risk mothers, we are also trained to identify any variations from normal and handle an appropriate transfer of care when the need arises. Most transfers are non emergency, and mom will go to the back up physician and hospital in her private car. Emergencies are rare, less than 1%. The Palms is located less than 5 minutes from Bethesda Hospital where there are in house OBs and anesthesiology 24 hours a day. If an urgent transfer is needed, mom is transported to the hospital via ambulance accompanied by her midwife.

What kind of classes are included with the birth center fee?
All clients attend our Out of Hospital Birth Prep class at no additional cost. Our self-pay fee includes the 5-week Hypnobirthing series. Hypnobirthing, like all other childbirth education class, is not covered by insurance or Medicaid and is the responsibility of the client. We also offer classes in breastfeeding, baby wearing, diapering, immunization, comfort measures for labor, prenatal yoga and coming soon “Wing Chick” an insiders tips for dads on how to survive labor without ticking off mom from an experienced woman who’s been there!

What is the benefit to deliver at a birth center? There are so many reasons to deliver at a birth center, I could go on all day. But to sum it up, midwives and birth centers provide safe and effective expert care with true informed consent. Cesarean rates at birth centers are typically 10-15%, a stark contrast to our local hospitals at 49%.