Pain Free Waxing DOES Exist! Bring on Fourth of July Swimming!

Pain Free Waxing DOES Exist! Bring on Fourth of July Swimming!

A few years ago I went to Boca to get waxed and the woman said that because I was Indian she wouldn’t do it because it would hurt too bad.  You may be thinking TMI, but by the end you’ll thank me for this resource I am about to tell you about!


So needless to say, I was very, very worried as I headed in today to get waxed before the 4th of July holiday. Did I say how nervous I was?!

I made my appointment with the owner Adriana and esthetician Aniko who truly customized my experience from the beginning! As a mom herself, Adriana understands how hectic life can be and completely catered to my schedule and I even had to change the time, which she accommodated happily. I love working with momprenuers. They just get it!

th-7I headed over to their spa location, which is located next to Wells Fargo Bank and the Northwest Library on the corner of University and Sample. Their spa is within Sola Salon Suites. If you walk to the left when you enter they are around the corner.  I was surprised when I walked in that it was just one room.

But then I saw a bottle of wine, candles glowing, magazines and I realized why it is called Custom Spa 27 because it is completely customized for YOU!

Of course I enjoy all spas, but this was special today as it was 100% focused on me and what I needed to look and feel great. I laid down and realized the waxing was about to begin and my nervousness returned.

IMG_8985Adriana and Aniko put all of my fears to rest. I got numbing cream applied before they started. She told me to take a deep breath. I waited for the pain. I waited for the burn. I waited to scream.
Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

It was painless! I had no idea that bikini waxing could be so easy and pain free. I am hooked now!  Custom Spa 27 is fantastic. This incredible team of mom preneurs is literally there to serve you, pamper you and drumroll please….

IT IS COMPLETELY AFFORDABLE! I was amazed because it was such a personalized experience!

So to sum up my afternoon at Custom Spa 27 today…
Pain Free Bikini Wax
Owned and operated by fellow moms
Completely customized to what I needed
So relaxing and refreshing with wine or drinks!!!!!

When is life ever 100%, all about me? Never…except at Custom Spa 27.

Call to book treat yourself and get all set for a great summer at 954-609-3246!

Thanks so our amazing providers for helping create happy, healthy moms!