Pain Free Breastfeeding Tips

Pain Free Breastfeeding Tips

Our mission at is to connect moms to the TOP family experts to help Make Motherhood Easier!  Friends are great, but when it comes to the health of your baby, we truly believe getting to EXPERTS can help moms to decrease stress and increase household health & happiness!  Each mommy is unique, each child has unique needs and each household has their own parenting philosophies, so our experts customize their care to your families personal needs!

Breastfeeding is so important for babies and Lactation Consultants are a wonderful, affordable resource that can help make the journey beautiful and are on call to help YOU!  Today on our Ask The Family Experts Show we are proud to feature Lactation Consultant and Founder of Moms Breast Friend, Sasha! 

 1.  Is it normal for it to hurt?   

I tell moms, it is normal to feel a tugging sensation when breastfeeding. No pinching, or toe-curling pain. In the first early days of breastfeeding it is normal for some extra sensitivity, but if baby is latching correctly and getting a full mouth of breast this sensitivity should be minimal and resolve quickly.  

If you’re having pain with each latch or continued sensitivity after the first week, its necessary to seek out help! Find an Lactation Consultant, talk to your pediatrician, visit a pediatric dentist like Dr. Saadia who helps alot of moms or someone experienced in tethered oral tissues. Keep seeking help until YOU are no longer in pain and baby is latching correctly. Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt and if it does, seek help!!!  A MUST read FREE book for breastfeeding moms experiencing pain- Click HERE!

2.  How do I know my baby is getting enough? 

I hear this a lot from moms in the first 4 months. This is what I say, Look at your baby!  

  • Is your baby getting bigger, gaining weight, growing, staying along his/her growth curve at the pediatrician? Has anyone mentioned his size is an issue? If NO, then go to the next.  
  • Does your baby seem satiated after a feed most of the times? Meaning does your baby have the “milk drunk look” hands unclasped, arms relaxed content or asleep? This is a sign your baby is full and happy!  
  • How is your babies output, how many wet and stool diapers are they having in a 24 hr period? 

3.  How and when to build a stash in the freezer? 

I suggest not focusing on this in the first 6 weeks, unless you NEED it…for work or if you have to be away from your baby. Then depending if you need a stash for work or just a couple bottles here in there.  

If you need a couple, add a pumping session in the AM and one in the PM. If this is for an extended time…work/travel. Start two weeks before you need it and add a pumping session after every other feeding. This will tell your body you need more milk and will help you get adjusted to the pump.  

VERY important…. Make sure the pump fits you correctly! This is as important as baby latching correctly. Reach out to an lactation consultant at Moms Breast Friend to determine if your pump flange is the correct size.  

At we love the Spectra Breast Pump after trying many, many different options:)

This is a pump I think every mom should have and use to collect milk, especially in the early weeks if needed. 

These are the nursing pads that can be used to collect milk. Especially helpful in the early weeks when you may be leaking some milk.   

 4.  What are the 3 signs you may need a Lactation Consultant:

First, I should say I think EVERY mom deserves at least 1 visit from a lactation consultant. I truly believe this should be a standard of care for all moms. Breastfeeding can be challenging and even if you have zero problems a new mom could always use some extra support. If a little less than 90% of moms are attempting to BF but only around 30% are reaching their breastfeeding goals. We as medical professionals are not helping moms in the best way we can, so that is where Lactation Consultants can help moms and babies get this amazing source of nutrition!

  1. If you are experiencing pain with breastfeeding or continued sensitivity of your nipples past the first week. SEEK HELP!  

  2. If your goal is to exclusively breastfeed and your pediatrician suggest supplementing…..ask why and seek the help from an LC. Reasons for this may be slow weight gain, or weight loss of a newborn. These are things that can be corrected and should be addressed ASAP.  

  3. If you have previously had a baby and didn’t reach your Breastfeeding goals, especially if you stopped breastfeeding in the first 3 months I suggest reaching out to someone BEFORE you have your next baby. Ideally during your third trimester. Ask for help and set up your support team before you have your baby!   

5.  Five things you should stock up on for breastfeeding nourishment! 

Oatmeal- We love the little circular 1 serving containers that you just add water to:)

Almonds/Almond Butter ( LOVES the Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter!

Green such as Spinach and Kale (Add to Smoothies)

Bars with Almonds In Them- Luna Bars, Kind Bars are great options! Great for those early dawn feedings!

WATER!!!  Water and more water! 

What makes Mom’s Breast Friend different than other lactation consultants in our area? 

I love helping all moms, but my passion is getting with moms BEFORE they have a baby. That way we can get to know each other, and I can learn about what your goals with feeding your baby are. I suggest contacting me when you are entering your third trimester.

  • We schedule an in home private “intro to breastfeeding” class and go over what to expect in those first early weeks. 
  • Then I return once you have had the baby, usually day 2 home from the hospital.
  • Then again around 2 weeks. This is when there are many questions, and uncertainty in motherhood.  I believe THIS is when moms need the MOST support! I sit with you, answer your questions and help you feed your baby!  
  • Throughout your third and 4th trimester I continue to send helpful information about breastfeeding, nutrition for the mom, and building a village of support.  

I am here to support you and your baby to make sure that both of you are happy and healthy along your breastfeeding journey!  Make sure to get this FREE book if you are experiencing pain breastfeeding and Sasha can provide a consultation to see if your baby has a tongue or lip tie causing latch issues! 

Sasha Lansing, R.N., CLC

(561) 929-8426

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