Overcoming Anxiety In Motherhood

Overcoming Anxiety In Motherhood

The topic of anxiety is very near and dear to my heart.
My mom is dying right now and I believe that so much of her neurological decline is due to chronic worrying about her children.
As I reflect back on our life together, she really missed out on SO MUCH FUN and JOY due to worrying.  
Thus, I have set a major goal in my life to understanding how I can overcome worry and anxiety by turning to our ihelpmoms.com expert therapist Marcela! 

What are some ways that we can proactively destress and enjoy life more?
It is clinically proven that these three tips can help you decrease anxiety:
*Take a 20 minute walk or workout a day
*Take a hot shower and let the water RUN OVER YOUR FACE
*Get Sleep.  If you need help getting your child to sleep so you can get sleep check out these tips from our ihelpmoms Pediatric Sleep Specialist!

When we feel that tension rising or the stress response beginning what can we do?
Many people reach for the ‘TWINKIE’ first.  They love the sugar, the creamy filling, but that is it.  A short term fix.
When you feel that response, go to the truly fulfilling solution.

-First, take some time to think about ahead of time, things that relax you: Music, the outdoors, a photograph, candles, baths, walking, dancing, etc.

-Next, have these enjoyment catalysts handy in your home or to call upon.

-Call an ihelpmoms.com mom therapist.  You do not have to struggle alone: www.ihelpmoms.com

-Call a friend or family member that can speak words of encouragement into your life.  

-Pray or mediate, practice breathing.

How can we train ourselves to make better CHOICES to decrease stress and anxiety in our lives?

Life is 10% what happens to you 90% how you handle it.  We are 100% in charge of our choices.

*Every body has the same 24 hours in the day.  We can choose to focus on gratitude and the giving and receiving love with the people we treasure in life or we can focus on the hard things in life.  It’s 100% your choice what you choose to focus your energy on. 

*I always practice getting prepared to decrease stress proactively.  For example: I pack lunches the night before, I methodically make a check list before bed overnight with the work items and house items I want to accomplish the next day, I cook dinner for the kids early in the day or meal prep on Sundays so I am not in a rush in the evenings.  These simple things may take discipline in the short term, but they are long term stress relievers. 

*Volunteering and helping others through community organizations, non profits, schools or faith based programs are a great way to focus your energy on helping others to positively relieve stress.  

We want moms to know that you are not alone.  View our LIVE SHOW on overcoming anxiety here! You do not have to suffer silently.  We hope these 3 tips have helped you and most of all that you know you have amazing mental health therapists at ihelpmoms.com available at your fingertips to support and help you to overcome stress and anxiety! ihelpmoms.com is a completely FREE resource!

Join us on Thursday at NOON est for our show on getting your home and playrooms organized!

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,

Your Ask The Experts LIVE Show hosts: Michelle CEO/Founder of ihelpmoms.com and Marcela, ihelpmoms.com licensed mom and family therapist


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