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5 Tips to Level up Your Kiddos Nutrition Game

IHM | Aug 12, 2022

My favorite meals are when I spend loads of time planning, preparing and executing a great meal and nobody eats it…said no mom anywhere! Let me be real, getting our kids to eat amazing well-rounded meals is extremely difficult. I have 4 kids and even when I think I have their taste buds figured out, it all changes. I am here to give you some hope and encouragement because mealtime can be challenging. 

1. If you have littles, start introducing all kinds of veggies prepared in different ways. This way you can discover new foods they like. Make a game out of it and make sure YOU are eating them too. Your kids are watching.  Even cutting veggies in a fun way will spark their interest. 


2. Offer small amounts of only 2-3 different foods. Serving big portions can feel overwhelming to them. You can always give them more if they ask. Make sure you always offer a protein and a veggie. After a while, this will become their norm.


3. After 4 kids I have realized that small, more frequent meals, just makes life better. My biggest switch was feeding the kids dinner right after school. This avoids a LOT of issues. They are always so hungry so instead of giving them a snack, I just feed them what I had planned for dinner. This also helps them power through after school activities.  You can then offer a healthier snack before bed. My favorites are plain yogurt, peanut butter and apples, or a banana. This routine after school has saved us from many a meltdown and fights over dinner. There are no rules as to what time “dinner” must be served :)


4. Keep offering veggies to your kids. Make a small plate with cut up veggies and leave it out. Kids love grab and go snacks, and this is a perfect way for them to try without being told.  You can even make a kid style charcuterie board with cheese, raisins, veggies and crackers. Your kids will LOVE this! 


5. Get your kids involved in planning and making meals. I know it’s messy but getting your kids in the kitchen helping you, sparks curiosity to try new foods. It promotes confidence as well when they produce a meal for the family. It also helps them become more independent in making their own meals.  Invest in a kid’s cookbook with lots of pictures and let them pick a few meals throughout the week with the expectation that they have to TRY what they make!