Online Natural Childbirth Classes

Online Natural Child Birth Classes with Midwife Gelena Hinkley LM, CPM 

  • Online Natural Child Birth Classes with expert midwife, Gelena Hinkley LM, CPM contains 25+ video classes covering all aspects of natural childbirth.
  • Whether you plan on a hospital birth, birth center or home birth this course will prepare you for the best birth experience possible. Know what to expect when you go into labor, how to breath, how and when to push, contractions, know all the key terminology your provider is using, take control of your birth experience, nutrition, exercises, breastfeeding, newborn care and much more.Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.42.01 PM
  • Online breastfeeding classes taught by expert International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Sandy Lobaina. Watch this one over and over until you get it perfect. This class is loaded with the secrets to breastfeeding and is very comprehensive. 
  • Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Elizabeth Seeley covers Nutrition in depth and will guide you through a healthy pregnancy, what to eat, what to avoid, what vitamins and minerals to focus on and more.
  • Watch the videos again when labor sets in for breathing, coping and pushing techniques. Then watch the breastfeeding and newborn care videos after your baby is here! Watch with your partner without missing a day of work or rushing to a birth-center or hospital class. No need to try and retain by memory course material and take notes. It’s all right here, 24/7 for your 12 months subscription.
  • Everything you need to know at your fingertips indexed into a professionally produced comprehensive natural child birth class series. You will not need another, it’s all right here.
  • May you have the best possible prenatal, birth and postnatal experience possible.