No Mean Girls For Me Please

th-7There was no school today, and I knew the first thing I wanted to do was invite a bunch of my toddlers playmates over for some fun!  I absolutely love seeing them interact, imagine, talk, giggle and have fun together.

As I got ready this morning making all of the food, I had a knot in my stomach though.
I had heard through the motherhood grapevine that there was one mom that was cut of a unique cloth.  I hadn’t met her as of yet, but I was actually nervous!  I think I was super sensitive to the issue as I have recently endured being cut out of a group of my old mom friends and it is hurtful. Going through what I myself have experienced, I definitely don’t want anyone to feel bad! As I washed and cut strawberries I saw a few that weren’t perfectly red or perfectly shaped, but that didn’t mean I threw them out.  I just cut them up and put them in the bowl. TOGETHER it made a beautiful dish of vibrant berries.  Do we need to cut out moms that aren’t just like us????

th-7We all ended up having a great morning together.  As I looked around I realized each woman brought something unique to the table.  Some had big corporate jobs, some were stay at home moms, some loved to cook, some liked to eat out, some were holistic, some went by the Pediatric textbooks, some were outgoing, some were quiet.  It was a great morning as we focused on the one thing we definitely had in common: WE LOVE OUR KIDS and WANT TO BE THE BEST WE CAN BE AS A PARENT!  Shouldn’t that alone be enough of a reason to be nice to fellow moms?

th-1What a waste of time it is to judge other mommies.  Perspective is a powerful thing.  It takes the exact same energy to be NICE as it does to be mean and gossip.  Most of all I think being thoughtful to others sets a great example for our kids.  No two moms lives are the same.  We all have different home environments, we all have different kids, we all have different needs and wants.  Truly motherhood would be a lot less like the movie ‘Mean Girls’ if we could all just take a deep breath and be happy in our own lives so we could be happy for one another.

Be the nice mom.  It makes life a lot more fun.  And a lot less complicated. 
And really, who needs more stress in their life?
Cheers to our positive community where we are on a mission to Make Motherhood Easier!