My Secret To Being A Great Mom, Wife & Having a Career

My Secret To Being A Great Mom, Wife & Having a Career

As a stay at home mom and a working mom, I often wonder how to do it all.

There is an unending pile of laundry haunting me, I seem to be on a hamster wheel making food and cleaning the kitchen, and I try to stay off my technology around my daughter so I can fully focus on her learning and growth. Then I turn my attention to my own work at around nine at night to about one in the morning and then get up the next day to start again. I know for many moms this sounds very familiar! Well, I today I wanted to share with you a simple key to my success and happiness…

A mothers helper is someone that comes over to the house to help take care of your child with you in the house. Typically cheaper than a babysitter, I have found it to be an excellent solution so I can get stuff done!

While my mothers helper Grace reads, plays and teaches Anjali, I can hustle to get my work load done without a toddler hanging off my leg. This is a key to happiness for our entire household. I actually get to enjoy my husband when he gets home from work, instead of feeling deflated at the end of the day like I neglected housework or my own work and career.Grace

My mothers helper is 23 years old, in college and has a job, but we have established great communication and planning so it is a win win for both of us. It took time in the beginning to work out our schedules, but be patient as it will be worth it! I utilize her talents for 2-3 hours a week and it’s literally the price of me giving up a trip of buying useless crap at Target or a couple Starbucks to save my sanity.

LOG ONTO NOW and search Mothers Helpers to get a helping hand, feel great and stop feeling overwhelmed. OR if you currently have a great nanny, mothers helper or grandma that gives you some help and they want to pick up a few more hours have them become a provider on!