My Mother Saved My Life

My Mother Saved My Life

Unknown-7A baby born just 4 pounds lays in a crib alone, malnourished in an orphanage.
A baby enters the world unloved and unwanted.  She is an orphan.  A number.  A nobody.
A baby tosses and turns, not knowing the soothe of her mothers breast and the comfort of a mother’s embrace.
A baby makes the journey across the ocean just a few weeks old on an airplane, not knowing what her fate will be, not knowing where she will land, not knowing if she will survive and thrive.

Mom and DadThen she arrives.
Her new mom and dad are 42 years old, but with young hearts open to love.
Her new mom has white skin and greying hair, contrasting to the baby’s brown skin and black hair.  They will be judged.
Her new mom  and dad already have kids, will there be room in their home to love another different, foreign baby?

Her car seat is unloaded from the plane.  They gently take the tiny baby out.  They have been told she is malnourished.  They have been told she could have birth defects due to being so little.  Bravely, they take her out of the car seat.

They feel her tiny body melt into their arms.
They feel their strength merge over a sweet little girl desperately needing love.
They know from that moment she belongs to them.
She has reached her place of destiny, in the arms of love.

Circle of Life. My parents with my new baby Jasmine.

This baby, this orphan, this adopted being is ME.
On Mothers Day, I always take time to reflect on the courage and love my parents showed to adopt me from Calcutta India.  I am forever changed, forever saved, forever loved because of their bravery.

My mom raised me as her own.  She loved me loyally.  She has never stopped believing in me and supporting me.  I am the person I am today full of love, laughter, determination (stubbornness if truth be told) and fierce loyalty because of her.  I am the mother I am today because she showed me what unselfish, all out, unconditional love is.

My mom saved my life….and everyday I know I have been given the greatest gift ever.  Family.

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This is me. Unloved. Unwanted. Unhealthy. Thanks to my mom I was given the opportunity to be loved, to be wanted, to be healthy and best of all to give life to my own babies.

I love you mom.  I will always love you no matter the distance.  Happy Mothers Day to the strongest woman I know.