My Husband Hasn’t Seen Me Happy Like This In Months…Find Out Why

My mornings start out like most moms…th-1
I was up from 2am to 4am taking care of our newborn.
At 6:30 am my toddler woke up and I dragged myself out of bed.
I hurried to make eggs for my daughter before school, got her settled, breastfed my other daughter, pumped, packed her lunch and then sat down myself to eat eggs when my toddler comes over begging for my breastfast…sigh.  I grab a banana as we run out the door.  I do the morning school drop AND THEN….IT’S MOMMY TIME!

Pam, co-founder of Operation Fit Moms inspires me to get fit, get happy and feel great about my post baby body!
Pam, co-founder of Operation Fit Moms inspires me to get fit, get happy and feel great about my post baby body!

I pull up to Evolution Fitness in Boca and take my daughter into the childcare.  I have bags under my eyes, I have a nursing tank on and my hair is horrendous.  But I could care less and the best part is no one else at this fitness class cares either!  We are all here for OPERATION FIT MOMS!

Three babysitters and the co-founder of Operation Fit Moms greet me excited to take care of my daughter in a dedicated infant area.  I practically dance over to the group fitness room.

I am only 8 week post partum, so part of me is tentative to lift weight and jump.  The other part of me feel so inspired looking at my fellow moms working out at their unique fitness level.  I am the one with the 5 lb weights huffing and puffing but I don’t care.  There is no competition, this is female camaraderie at it’s finest.
I don’t know any of these women, but I feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that I am not being judged as I try to lose my post partum baby weight.

IHELPMOMS_rev-4The music is fun, I sing along feeling fantastic.  Truth be told, I get so jealous when my husband goes to work out as he is FREE.  He doesn’t have to worry about nursing the baby, or a toddler depending on him to get lunch ready or any of the other responsibilities I feel heaped on me as a mom.  I could have chosen to stay envious of my husband working out or I could join Operation Fit Mom and get myself back in shape physically, emotionally and nutritionally.

So I logged on today, paid for the program and I am already so excited for Fridays class.
Join me on Friday for a FREE TRIAL CLASS!  You won’t be sorry!

Already a member of Operation Fit Moms?? Make sure to join us on Saturday, March 28 for our
Boca Healthy and Fit Family Festival!