My daughter is throwing up blood…who is my first call?

Getting my daughter to brush her teeth tests ALL of my patience daily.
I really try to stay away from consumerism and the only way that I can get her to put a toothbrush in her mouth is if it has Elmo on it!  In the name of oral hygiene I have

So last night I had brushed my daughters teeth as she screamed yet once again and then she went on to play with my husband.
One second was all it took.  She tripped and fell with the toothbrush in her mouth.

Her screams erupted and I could hear her regurgitating.  Feel free to judge me, I already feel like the worlds worst mom for not begin there for that moment and taking the toothbrush away.
I felt her throw up all over me, which does’t phase me as a mom, but I desperately wanted to make sure she was ok.

Dr. Edna Tello, Personalized Pediatrics
Dr. Edna Tello, Personalized Pediatrics

I looked down at my arm to see blood covering my upper arm and my heart froze.

In that moment, I have never been happier to have the pediatrician that we do for Anjali.  Holding my baby girl close, watching to see if more blood was coming up, I dialed Dr. Edna Tello of Personalized Pediatrics.  She called me back within 2 minutes and walked us through what to look for and what we needed to do.

I am deeply appreciative of our providers on as they truly care about families and are deeply committed to making motherhood easier.

I am forever grateful that I was introduced to pediatrician Dr. Edna Tello founder of Personalized Pediatrics who COMES TO YOUR HOME and has always been on call with her personal cell phone whenever I have needed her assistance.  The safety and security that gives me each day for my children is invaluable.

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