My Dad Isn't My Real Dad, But He's Still The Best Dad I Could Wish For

My Dad Isn’t My Real Dad, But He’s Still The Best Dad I Could Wish For

Being adopted one thing I know for sure is that a dad doesn’t have to be by blood.

I was adopted from the slums of India as a 4 pound, malnourished baby.  At a month old I flew halfway across the world to begin my life with a family that joined my very Indian self to their Irish/Dutch roots.  From the moment they got me off the plane, my mom and dad nurtured me along with their own two biological children out of the goodness of their hearts.  

I get teary eyed as I write as I know my adopted dad didn’t contribute to my DNA or even choose me, but he literally picked me up at an airport sight unseen and from that moment chose to protect and love me forever as his own.IMG_1596

I am forever grateful for my dad loving me unconditionally and teaching me the meaning of family, loyalty and work ethic. We may not look anything alike, but his powerful values have been imprinted on the way I live my life and woven into generations of our kids to come.

This Fathers Day, I realize the most important thing I can tell my dad is how much he means to me and what an amazing man I think he is.  So thanks dad.  Your not my real dad, but you are the real deal dad in my life.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to have been adopted by you and mom.  All the things you have taught me, I am proud to pass on to my children as a lasting reminder of your goodness in the world.