The Happy Mom Book

Simple Steps to A Healthy, Fun and Peaceful Household

I thought motherhood was going to be an amazing, joy-filled, and happy
journey. IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND IT WOULDN’T BE ALL BLISS. NOBODY ever tells you the truth. Along your journey, you’ll meet the moms that tell you motherhood is easy. You’ll meet the moms that make you believe their baby was always a great sleeper and that their kid potty trained in a minute. I always wondered if they were lying. As a first-time mom especially, I often felt alone. I needed answers, and I needed them fast.
I went on an intense search to discover how to be The Happy Mom. I was tired of being stressed out and I wanted more peace in my household. Before we discuss the key to happiness in motherhood and what every mom needs to know to be The Happy Mom, let’s talk about life as a mom.

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