Exhaustion and fatigue are something that every mom experiences. I wish someone had told me about this amazing pillow when I had my first baby! It has changed my life and this book with a collection of experts who have given their best insight to getting more restful sleep will also help us be our best for our family. As always, ihelpmoms.com is looking for the best ways to make you and your family life happier, healthier and easier. All moms can download our eBook for FREE to learn all kinds of tips and tricks about sleep. Sleep is so important and so is the pillow you use! Download the FREE eBook now. Pillow of Health and Ihelpmoms is on a mission to solve the exhaustion and fatigue issue for all moms! Download the book, buy a pillow, participate in the survey!

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PILLOW of HEALTH® Self-Adjusting Pillow – Features Moms Love!

Adaptive Support Technology® allows the user to ADD or REMOVE the pillow’s medical grade OptiAir Relief™ Fill. Finally, a pillow that is totally customizable to your desired firmness level!

Cool-Wick IQ™ has a moisture wicking and dual liner technology. Result— a cooler pillow made with the quality and care you can trust for the heads you love the most. 

Washer & Dryer Safe! 100 wash tested & guaranteed.

Hypoallergenic because the main cause of allergies while sleeping is dust mites and their fecal matter, plus other toxins, in your pillow. Gross!


When you purchase a PILLOW of HEALTH® Kids Pillow, they’re giving a matching one to a child with cancer. For these kids health & comfort is often a dream and PILLOW of HEALTH® wants to help.

Join the HUG ONE : GIVE ONE dream so your child & every child can get healthy sleep.

Share the dream, change a child’s life.

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