More Energy For Moms In The Morning

More Energy For Moms In The Morning

I think the work we do as moms is just as hard as any performance athlete.  Truly.  Moms push themselves to the max day in and day out, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Unlike athletes we don’t get paid, we don’t get pampered by agents and coaches AND we have th-10tiny human beings literally depending on US to survive!  We often do all of our daily duties with a tiny human attached to our hip or leg, while we heft car seats, push strollers and bathe our kiddies, which is what I call the #EverydayAwesomeMom workout!  Let’s see you do THAT LeBron James!

Yet as we accomplish monumental tasks every day from mounds of laundry to piles of dishes to relentless diapers to teaching to cooking, I often wonder, who on earth is looking out for moms to make sure we are nourished and full of energy????  CORE POWER IS

IMG_5765If you are like me, food never sounds good in the early morning, but I need something to boost my brain and body.  My brain is still foggy from sleep deprivation and I open the fridge to find my Core Power Protein Shakes.  The angels sing, and I take the first delicious sip.  I literally feel instant energy! I can take on the day!  Don’t be mistaken it’s not an energy drink.  It is an amazing protein shake filled with the exact nourishment moms need to feel revived!  Best of all it is QUICK and NOURISHING for moms on the go!

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