Mompreneur….Is it possible to balance owning a business and motherhood?

Ever wonder if you are the only mom who feels like you never stop running?
Giving our fans a peek into the thoughts I had as a Mompreneur Tuesday night….

Ran to set up vendor table at 1:30 pm for an event going on later that night.

Grocery shop for house guests coming tomorrow. What is easy and fast?  Are they vegan?  Oh well, they will have to eat what I cook!  Go. Go. Go. Don’t Stop.

Picked up my daughter Anjali at school.Mumsie

Quality time reading a playing tea party with Anjali. I will miss her tonight.

Can I fit a work out in? I start to get up to change into workout gear.

Crap. I forgot to put dinner in the crock pot.

Ran to the kitchen and put everything in the crock pot turned to High. Where is superpower mode?? Now I have nothing to eat for dinner, but at least it will be ready for the rest of my family.

Babysitter arrives and thankfully Anjali is excited to see her.

I head back to finish up work emails, review my upcoming events and look over graphic design projects for ihelpmoms expos.

Time to get ready for the event. There is no way this tent of a dress is going to fit me, but it is the only thing that I have for a Moms Night Out Event at 8 months pregnant.

Oh my gosh. How big have I gotten this pregnancy? This dress fits tight. No time to work out, no time to worry about it. Go. Go. Go.

I am having contractions. I really need water.
Run out to the kitchen, my daughter sees me and starts to cry.
I really need caffeine to make it through.
More contractions. Water. Need Water.

Hug Anjali, feeling my mom guilt magnify.

Why didn’t I put dinner on earlier?!

Run from the kitchen calling sorry to the babysitter as my daughter’s cries follow me down the hall.

I see all of the glamorous moms in their high heels and skinny jeans.  Look at my own feet, standing in a tent of a dress 8 months pregnant.  Can’t wait to be cute again.

After standing on my feet from 5 to 10 pm at this mom event, I look down at my own feet again happy I wore flats.

Here comes Whole Foods with some samples. Sorry baby girl to be, this is all you get to eat tonight. More mom guilt.

Pack up event, head home. I lock the front door, my mouth salivating for the crock pot chicken marsala I made.

My daughter wakes up from the front door closing. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I go into her room trying to get her to go back to sleep. I give her water. I give her a packet of food. I hold her and she clings to me. Her sweet little fingers digging into me hanging on for dear life. I gently try to put her back in the crib. She starts to cry.

How can such a little person take up so much room?
How can such a little person take up so much room?

I see my husbands shadow appear. I escape to grab something, anything to eat. Contractions. I need water.  I wish he could get her to sleep but her cries for mama haunt me.

Protein or vegetables? I grab some chicken, throw it in a Tupperware, a glass of water and run it to my bedroom side table.

I rub Anjali’s back for 10 minutes in her room and she still won’t settle.  I am being punished for leaving her.

I pull her into snuggle.  She sits on her baby sister in my belly. That can’t be good. I bring her into bed with us.

Didn’t we say we were never going to let our kids sleep with us?

I. am. so. tired. I never knew in my life I could feel this tired. |
I rub Anjali’s back and eat cold chicken in the dark.

Finally. Silence. Food. Water. Day Complete.
Being a business owner and a mom IS possible.
What I have discovered is that nothing truly rewarding in life is without sacrifice.