MOMpreneur Spotlight: Peek Into The Life Of A Mom of Twins

MOMpreneur Spotlight: Peek Into The Life Of A Mom of Twins

What is the best part about being a MOMpreneur?
As a MOMpreneur I would say this is a two part answer. Personally, the best part would be the flexibility I’m able to have with my family. The second piece of this would be the professional portion as a therapist where I have the pleasure to work with other mom’s working towards achieving the same freedom for themselves.

Why did you start your business?
MGS Counseling & Therapy Services, LLC initially started to provide quality affordable mental health services. As I work with many mothers and couples I’ve seen the need for counseling with mothers who feel alone and are unsure how to address PPD. How to connect to their newborn child while learning how to become comfortable in their own skin as they experience many changes. Assisting fathers who feel as they no longer have a place in the relationship now that they’ve introduced a new baby into the relationship. Assisting couples transitioning from “newlyweds” to “new parents” or assisting blended families as they come together as one family unit.

How does it help Make Motherhood Easier?
Motherhood is easier because I have the ability to enjoy time with my family. In addition I assist other mothers to do the same.  As a fulltime mom and business owner balance is important and when I worked a fulltime corporate position I was unable to enjoy myself furthermore my family.

What is your key to balancing motherhood, wife/partner/friend and business owner?
Know who and what is important to my happy moments. When I would prioritize based on income. I would be unhappy, unfulfilled and less profitable. I found this took place because I would not enjoy myself and it would reflect in my work. Once I changed where I placed importance things began to turn around. I would prioritize my family before friends and business. I would see a difference in my kids with attitude and direction.

What is your dream ‘Me Time’ scenario?
My dream me time would start with breakfast in bed by my fantastic husband. Then I would have a Mani/Pedi morning followed by a message. Then I would close my “me time” with my family. I would go and watch a great movie we can all get a good laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I do not need much to get me time. I wouldn’t be able to have an extended time away because I would begin to miss my family and then I would stop enjoying myself.

What is the top piece of advice you have for fellow mom’s looking back at your own journey?
As you work on your balance, make sure you look at what makes you tick. Each person will have variations in that definition, however for myself family where I found my tick. That took time and honesty, where at times I was not always very honest. I wanted balance to be around what I do outside of home because I did not want to be that “typical” wife/mom that says it’s all about the family. No matter what you discover is your tick, do not run from what is for you. You will be happy and you will see growth once you stop running from your truth.

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