MOMpreneur Spotlight Mommycise Fitness

MOMpreneur Spotlight Mommycise Fitness

When I had my first baby, I remember how isolated I felt at home, breastfeeding, diapering, repeating the cycle and yearning to get out of the house.  I was tired of spending money wandering at Target, the friends I knew with babies lived an hour away and frankly as a first time mom I wasn’t exactly sure what else to do with an infant.

Then I had the honor of meeting this outgoing, fun, fit mom at a moms group I attended.  She was everything I wanted to enjoy about motherhood and had no idea how to regain my sense of self.  Then I found out she was the creator of Mommycise Fitness and I signed up that night!

It was quite literally a life saver.  I got out of the house to a comfortable place where I could breastfeed if the baby was hungry, I got an amazing work out in WITH my baby next to me and in my ergo, I got to meet amazing fellow moms and most of all I had this inspirational mom of 3 teaching me every day how to feel great again!

It is my great honor to feature Mommycise Fitness Creator Kim in our MOMpreneur Spotlight!

What is the best part about being a MOMpreneur?
“I believe that I was meant for this…I was meant to create, which I did with my brand. I LOVE helping people so this all went hand in hand.”

Why did you start Mommycise Fitness?
“I started Mommy with Baby fitness way back in 2004 after the birth of my first daughter..there was nothing like it and within months I gathered dozens of Mommies to join me in staying healthy and working out with our kids in local parks all around Broward county.
Fast forward 13 years later, and I’ve revolutionized the way Moms workout!
My classes are challenging.. definitely no walk in the park! (pun intended)”
How does it help Make Motherhood Easier?
“Where do I even begin! Besides the fact that you NEED exercise in your life to keep up with your family, it makes you HAPPY! It is imperative that you spend as much time bonding with your bundle of joy as much as possible and Mommycise provides the environment where you can bring your babies and toddlers (or do pre-natal!) so you can lose weight, and gain strength without sacrificing time with your little one. We also have Mommy and Me play and development classes, playdates, parties, charity involvement and our clients ALWAYS make new mommy friends as well. Mom’s night out anyone?”

What is your key to balancing motherhood and business owner?
“It takes a TON of patience. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t, but as a single mom of 3 growing girls I have to dig deep some days to make it all work; and it always does:)”

What is your dream ‘Me Time’ scenario?
“My dream “Me Time” is like most other Mommies I think, but I’m also pretty simple..all I need is a good nights sleep and a mani-pedi to re-energize. A trip to to the carribean here and there would help too, but as a business owner with a vision that is still being realized, vacations are not important to me now..there will be plenty of time for that later.”

What is the top piece of advise you have for fellow MOMpreneurs?
I have so much advice for fellow MOMpreneurs, but my top piece would have to be, if you are in the beginning stages, DO NOT QUIT! It will get rough! REALLY ROUGH! At times, it may not feel worth it. But in the end, trust me, more good comes out of chasing your dreams then if you just run away from them.

Why do you love being a part of is such a great resource and I love connecting and working with my fellow providers!

Do you have a special offer for moms that mention when they book a class? 
Mention code “” when you register to take a class on or through the Mommycise Fitness App, and recieve a FREE Mommycise goody bag just for visiting us!

Kim, Mommycise Fitness Creator

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