MOMpreneur Life The Big Secret Glimpse 7

MOMpreneur Life The Big Secret Glimpse 7

Do you see the coaching programs with the beautiful, glamorous ladies like I do and wonder how on earth do they do it all?

Well I truly admire them as I sit here drinking my protein shake, because I have no time to eat, my hair in a bun, trying to wind down after the crazy whirlwind of school drop off, to get into work mode and tuning out my baby’s babbling below that tug at my heart.

Wait….a mom that tunes out her baby?  Yup.  Here is the BIG secret I am revealing today that nobody ever talks about in MOMpreneur life.  When your business starts getting bigger there comes a time when you may have to ask for help!

Whether it is from a family member, a friend, a baby sitter or a mothers helper.  I don’t have a husband around to help so I have to carefully budget my money and time to figure out a way to pay a sitter.  Every mommy business owner figures out their own solution to being able to prioritize work, but this was a huge one for me taking from a hobby to a business.  Yes, I wake up at 5 am and go to bed at midnight to get everything done, but now I have reached a point that I have to have someone come in a few strategically scheduled hours a week to watch the baby so I can focus on work!

As the Honest Mom I WANT to tell the truth so moms out there know they are not alone if they are struggling to feed their baby, pay attention to their two year old and answer emails like I was this morning.  It’s not easy at all!
I now make my amazing Mama Java coffee at home to save on my $5.50 cup of Starbucks bill to pay for the sitter AND I avoid shopping at Target at all costs to save major money.

I hope my honesty helps fellow MOMpreneurs out there who are like me staring at the dazzling pictures of the coaching consultants and MOMpreneuers wondering how on earth they do it.  One thing I have truly found is that strong moms ask for help! is a great resource for MOMpreneurs and usually if you can find someone on their website who may be in your budget with their great search filters. For all other resources for Making Motherhood Easier of course use!

Know that you are not alone, we get your MOMpreneur life and if you would like our team to help you spread the message about your product or service, we are here to help! Message us on FB or IG @ihelpmoms!

Cheers to the working moms, the stay at home moms, the work from home moms and ALL moms!
You are not alone and our expert resources are here to help!
On A Messsage To Make Motherhood Easier,
Michelle Founder/CEO

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