MOMpreneur Life Priorities Glimpse 6

MOMpreneur Life Priorities Glimpse 6

I think one of the hardest things in motherhood is feeling overwhelmed.
As we try to balance our own lives with our kids activities along with our partners/marriages, it can absolutely feel like we are a hamster running on a wheel.  (See yesterday’s post Glimpse 5 if you missed the tips on balance as a MOMpreneuer)

Then their are mom friendships which is a whole other realm of motherhood. You have those friend that you are friends with because your kids are friends. You have those friends you are friends with even though your kids don’t play together.  You have your friends you meet through working and activities.  And then of course the long time girl friends that are invaluable  There are a million amazing women out there I WANT to be friends with.  But I just don’t have the TIME!  The true key is that I like all moms and want to be kind to all moms.  Just because we may not be besties, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy one other’s company when we do see each other.  Quite honestly there are about 5 women that I will always carve out time for, because I know without a shadow of a doubt, they are the ones I know will never judge me when I have my hair in a top knot and desperately need coffee, they get my heart and will be there for me through thick and thin.

I feel the tug of war hearing my mom friends that stay at home planning play dates, while I know I need to be working. It’s a MOMpreneurs battle.  Yet, I want to do the best thing for my baby and allow her to have great friends and fun. My first child I had ALLLLLL the time in the world, the second less so as was being built and the third has two big sisters for entertainment!

So I realized to stop feeling overwhelmed with work, family, play dates, marriage it all comes down to one thing:


It’s something moms often avoid as it can mean cutting back on playdates or the big one fear of missing out or losing friendships.
For me though prioritizing has led to immense happiness in my life and most importantly for my family.

I no longer stretch myself thin trying to hustle my daughter to dance class on Saturday mornings this summer.  She is 4.  She will survive until next school year.  Instead we enjoy Saturday mornings filled with family, pancakes and swimming in the pool together.

I no longer try to make it to every mommy and me and playdate.  I take a look at my calendar at the beginning of the month, map out my family obligations, our travel, my work and then check out when I have time for playdates.  Thursday after school is when I leave that open space and other than that we’ll see you at the birthday parties.
Do I wish we could play more YES!  But I also found myself feeling exhausted, rushing through the night time routine and my marriage suffered as I pushed the limits because guess who wanted to just fall into bed exhausted? ME!

When I started scheduling the month out and taking a look at the people and relationships that I truly value and that my family values that is when life got really easy.  No more feeling like I was endlessly rushing.

Take some time to write down two things that make you really happy, two things that make your kids happy, most importantly two things that make your partner/spouse really happy.

Then take a look at your calendar from the past month.
Are the things that you really value matching with what you are spending your time doing?

I truly hope this Makes Motherhood Easier!
Michelle Founder/CEO

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