MOMpreneur Life On The Go Glimpse 9

MOMpreneur Life On The Go Glimpse 9

I took 3 kids four years old and younger to Disney World this weekend without my husband in 100 degree heat.

There is only one word that can explain this experience- WOW.

I have never, ever in my whole life been that hot…not to mention baby wearing my 6 month old in the Ergo.
There are a million micro lessons I learned this weekend, but one of the most important lessons came in what I learned about myself as a MOMpreneur.

My phone died and for the first few hours I felt naked.

Then the lesson came.  Without my phone for the entire day I got to see my kids eyes sparkle as they visited with Anna and Elsa… instead of seeing it through the camera lens yelling ‘smile’!

I was completely present with them instead of checking FB, IG, emails, which I realized I do out of habit.

I got to see the magic of the world around us through their eyes.

Then tonight after they went to sleep, when I was finally back at my laptop and my phone was charged, I realized this important fact I learned over the weekend about being a MOMpreneur:

Be where you are at and be strategic with how you use your time.  We waste SO much time on social media doing meaningless tasks.  Make SURE you set time limits on doing PRODUCTIVE things on social media, email and online trainings.  It’s something that should be scheduled and not continually perused to truly maximize your day.  

Once again, I have my little sweethearts to thank for teaching me something so valuable along this journey of motherhood!

Cheers to the working moms, the stay at home moms, the work at home moms and all moms!
Michelle Founder/CEO


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