MOMpreneur Life Glimpse 2

MOMpreneur Life Glimpse 2

My alarm went off at 5 am today.
I slept like a log right through it.
My husband tries to cuddle in….and the baby starts crying.
Time to get going and I already feel like I am behind waking up late.
I needed to be up at 5 to work out, meditate, pray, and check my emails.

I feed the baby, make breakfast for the kids, feel guilty checking emails while the baby is up.  Dang mom guilt!
I watch the clock hit 7 am and with both big girls still sleeping, I put the baby in the bouncer and do a 22 minute BeachBody Workout.

Then I hear my 2 year old yelling for me and she has peed all over.  GRRRRRR….I asked my husband to put her to sleep in a pull up…..and here she is in soaked through undies and nightgown.  I could be mad, but it’s just not even worth the brain space.  I always go back to what one of our family therapists said…is this something I will be mad about in 5 years? NO!  I put her in the bath, throw the blankets and night gown in the dryer and my other one is up.  The baby is ready for sleep, but I need to wait until we bring the girls to camp.

WHY ARE MORNINGS SO CRAZY?  I try so hard to be organized but I miss the mornings of just drinking coffee and eating a bagel BY. MYSELF.

We are running late now as I decided it is summer and the girls can sleep a little later, but then my oldest takes forever getting dressed, and then the baby falls asleep during tummy time, then I remember it’s water play at school.  SERIOUSLY!? I have GOT to get to work and it feels like it is taking FOREVER to get out the door.

Finally I get them to school and there is a pile of Amazon returns I need to take to UPS, the baby needs a diaper change now, she missed a full nap with camp drop off, and I need to run to the store.  AND DID I MENTION I NEED TO WORK?  In and out I schlep her car seat from one errand to the other.

But then…I see her eyes twinkle and her sweet laugh rings out.  She is literally laughing at me!
I take a deep breath.  It doesn’t do any good to stress.  I only get this special time with the girls this one time in life.  Thank goodness for baby giggles to bring me back to what matters in life.

We get home, I make her bottle, change her, rock her and off to sleep she goes so I can finally work.  Excited today to get to feature Dream Little Angel.  There is nothing better than getting to work with family focused companies that want to Make Motherhood Easier!
I love work.  I love my kids.  It is a constant juggling game.
What I learned today is to make this MOMpreneur life work I HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY.  Maybe we should start a moms group to keep us accountable for waking up early.
It would be unfair of me to rush and stress my kids out, when it’s actually my fault for not getting up, getting prepared and getting centered to make it a great day.

When you take responsibility instead of blaming others, it Makes Motherhood Easier to enjoy.  You are 100% in control of your life. Make it what you want it to be!

Cheers to working moms, stay at home moms, work at home moms, all moms! family experts are here for you to Make Motherhood Easier!
Michelle Founder


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