MOMpreneur Life Celebrate More Glimpse 8

MOMpreneur Life Celebrate More Glimpse 8

Today is a BIG day for me.  It’s birthday time!
Most of us in the mom world hear birthday and think of little toddlers tirelessly running around a bounce house with cake smeared everywhere…but today it’s not that kind of celebration!

Today is the day I was born in an orphanage in Calcutta India, given up by my mom and left severely malnourished at 4 pounds.
I am so grateful that somebody across the world decided to help me survive.
I am grateful today that two Irish parents with kids of their own, decided to adopt me, to love me, to give me a chance at life.

Today is a day of absolute gratitude.
When I think about the reason I started, it stems from a deep source, imagining my mom giving birth at most likely the age of 13 in the slums of India and ‘giving’ me away (see the movie LION if you have questions).  I am so grateful, but at the same time it drives a deep motivation in me that NO MOM should be left hurting, alone, without resources.  Having a baby is a big, huge, monumental life change, maybe the most significant thing we will ever do on earth and I am on a mission with that all moms have access to get support from the TOP family experts and resources.

Everyday when I wake up before the sun is up to start working, I plant my feet on the floor and give thanks.
I give thanks for the day, for my family, for the carpet under my toes, for the babble of my baby needing a bottle.
As I start to work, I think of my 13 year old mom alone and my mind is fueled to push past any obstacle, any no, any exhaustion to help moms not just survive, but to THRIVE by getting connected to resources to be healthy and happy.

Today I am celebrating because birth IS a big deal.  It is a gift.  My husband asked me what to get me for my birthday.
I just started to cry.  I have a safe home, 3 babies, LOVE.  What on earth else could I ever want?

Are you focused on lack in your life or on the goodness in life?
Are you focused on the bad things in the world or are you focused on making the world a better place?
Yup, I could focus on the fact I was unwanted and unloved, but today I choose to CELEBRATE life, love and the pursuit of helping moms everywhere!


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