Mindset Over Matter

Mindset Over Matter

Are you feeling the guilt of knowing what you need to do, but just not doing it?

You know the difference between healthy and unhealthy, you know that body movement is better for you than sitting on the couch, and yet you are still sitting there. Why are you still sitting there?

In the past few years I have taken the time to detail these feelings of guilt, shame and self-loathing in hopes of discovering “what the hell is the matter with me?” If it’s so good for me, why am I so easily able to choose the unhealthy option? I have willpower, I can do it if I really wanted to, so what’s the problem?


The problem lies within our mindset. Having willpower and dedication is just a small piece of the puzzle with aligning our inner desires with our actions. If you think of where you truly desire to be in 6 months, whether that is 20 lbs lighter, stronger, more tone or having better energy, and you compare it with today, you see a dramatic change. You know you can’t get there overnight, so, being so far away from actually achieving your desire for your health is what is getting in your way of taking the first steps toward it.

Everybody can relate the analogy of running a marathon, in order to cross the finish line you have to take the first steps, even though the end seems almost impossible.  Slowly, but surely, you become closer to the end and further from the beginning. You need support along the way, you have to ask for help, nourishment and guidance, you need to know which way and you can track your progress based on where you started. This is aligned with your desires for who you want to be.

Maybe it boils down to how badly you really want it. What are you willing to give up for it? Are you committed to changing the habits that have landed you where you are today? Are you happy with where you are? If you take an honest look at yourself and answer truthfully, then the answer will be there. You will no longer be able to make up excuses or set blame elsewhere.  You have the power to do the things necessary to get you where you want to be. Whether that means joining a gym, hiring a trainer, investing in a health coach or educating yourself in these areas to promote the change from within.

I went on the journey of health and wellness to find out for myself what it would look like for me to live a clean and healthy life. I was so empowered by these actions that I created a way for moms, just like me, to find their way too. I became a health coach because I believe that learning about your body, trusting yourself and truly valuing who you are will allow you to step into the vibrance in which you aspire.

You can do this, you just need to commit to it and leave behind the doubts, guilt and fear of asking for help and guidance. You need support and accountability to be there for you when youstumble. Everyone needs support to truly shine. Investing in yourself and letting go of the guilt of not being able to do it alone will set you free.

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