Midwives: The Link To A Beautiful Birth?

Midwives: The Link To A Beautiful Birth?

Southern Charm 3I have been fortunate to have a Midwife at both of my daughters births.  I believe that it is your baby and your choice.  My greatest wish is the women have the right to CHOOSE the environment they desire to give birth.

My prenatal appointments with my midwife were relaxing, loving and I could ask all of the questions I wanted.  I never felt hurried.  My deliveries were empowering and the care I received gentle, and according to MY birth plan wishes. My midwife was knowledgeable, encouraging and had an amazing array of resources to make me comfortable.

I have LOVED getting to know Courtney of Boca Midwifery, who is a perfect option for moms who wish to deliver in a hospital setting with a more open minded birth experience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.33.29 PM“In the United Kingdon, where the maternal mortality rate is a third of the U.S. rate and childbirth is a fraction of the cost, midwives attend 68% of all births. A 2014 study by the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence found that healthy women with low-risk pregnancies are safer giving birth under the care of midwives than doctors. The study further recommended that regardless of where a woman chooses to give birth, a midwife should always be present.” Read the rest of this amazing article from CNN HERE!

No matter how you choose to give birth, one thing for sure, midwives are here to help you have the birth experience you desire and are a true caring support system for moms!

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