Marriage or Kids- What Is More Important?

Marriage or Kids- What Is More Important?

The First One

When I had my first baby, I never left her side for a year.
By the time my second baby came, I had a babysitter lined up every Friday night!
This third pregnancy, we already have our couples only vacations lined up!

Why the big change in my journey through motherhood you might ask?
It’s simple because I saw cracks begin in my marriage after our first baby and I didn’t want to end up divorced.

I am on a quest to discover –  what should I prioritize first?  
My marriage or my kids?

I had the honor to interview renowned family therapist Sofia Robirosa of Infinite Therapeutic Services and her answer was clear on this topic.


Here is WHY she strongly advocated that moms prioritize their marriage:

  1. When you get along with your spouse, it is easier to parent.
  2. You become a better parent because you are not focused on negative marital issues.
  3.  Kids benefit by seeing your marriage as a role model of a healthy, loving relationship

HOW can we prioritize our marriage over our kids?

  1.  Schedule couples time on a daily basis.  No kids, no electronics, just connection time with your significant other.
  2. Schedule dates.  At home after the kids are asleep.  A coffee/beverage date.  A dinner out.  Dress up, feel sexy, ignite the love and connection!
  3. Couples only trip or staycation nearby 1x per year. Watch the sparks fly!
  4. Most importantly, TALK about and MEET each others physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Sex DOES matter in a marriage just as much as feeling loved and appreciated and these tips will help you discover a happy, healthy connection!
    Key To Making Motherhood Easier:
    Be open to the idea of being accepting to your spouses needs if they are different than yours.  Discussing the difficult topics without being defensive or shutting down can often lead to the most powerful parts of a lasting relationship!

Liah and IMarriage and mom therapists have made a WORLD of difference in helping marriages to not just survive but to be fun, exciting and fulfilling.   Make sure to contact Sofia Robirosa, expert family therapist of Infinite Therapeutic Services with your questions!

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,





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