Managing Sleep Deprivation

Do you sometimes wonder if you will ever sleep again? As a mom of a 7 week old with and a toddler my sleep deprivation is at an all time high.  So many moms like to act as if life is perfect, while struggling mentally and emotionally to balance it all.   Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.12.03 PM tells it like it is, real and imperfect. I decided to go to an expert mental health professional Dr. Lauren Goldstein and fellow mom to get tips on surviving this very exhausting and exciting time of motherhood.
1) Prioritize: What must be done and what can wait? Tasks that can wait, should wait. Use your time effectively to get the “must-do’s” done and then take advantage of baby’s naptime to take a nap of your own!

2) Recognize your limits, ask for help, and accept it! If you have a superhero cape hanging in your closet, throw it out! Call on friends and family members to give you a break, and take advantage of any help being offered to get some extra zzzz’s.

3) Exercise and eat right. Maintaining your health is critical when you are a new mother and especially when sleep deprivation may be compromising your system.
About Dr. Lauren

Dr. Lauren is a Florida licensed psychologist who works with children, parents, and families. Her specialties include anxiety, depression, selective mutism, parenting, adoption issues, children’s behavioral problems, toddler and preschool issues, new baby education, ADD/ADHD, academic issues, stress and coping, social skills deficits, bereavement, trauma, low self-esteem, and family dysfunction. She also has a special interest in nutritional psychology. Dr. Lauren provides individual and family psychotherapy, as well as developmental, psychological, and educational evaluations, including gifted testing, testing for ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, and evaluations for general psychological functioning.