Making {Me Crazy} Memories

Making {Me Crazy} Memories


I am a family tradition fanatic.  I always have grandiose ideas of what we will be doing on special occasions and then I am hit with the reality that I have five kids, someone is always sick, momma’s spent and nothing ever seems to go according to plan.  But, that’s another blog.

We have our Memorial Day barbecues that are fun and delicious.  There’s the 4th of July parade with grandparents and the awe of fireworks.  We have had Labor Day camping trips {two in ten years, but that’s on my to-do list to rectify}.  I absolutely love the fall and winter holiday season.  Pumpkin patch or apple picking, Thanksgiving breakfast, putting up the Christmas tree on Black Friday, breakfast with Santa {sometimes we make it and sometimes we don’t}.  Then, there is a Celebration of lights in December {my personal favorite}.  I try to throw in a few holiday snacks like Christmas cookie bake time, chocolate candies for Valentine’s day and a visit with the Easter Bunny in the Spring.  I think we made it once when my first was 18 months old {in my head, that counts}.

I believe that to be a jam packed annual festivity schedule.  I feel it makes for some pretty wonderful childhood memories.  I don’t know if you have heard, but it would appear that I am wrong.

One apple picking experience does not a Halloween memory make; how dare I limit our options to one.  There are ‘Boo’s at the Zoo’s’, crafts and Trick or Treating on some main street somewhere.  Not to mention the actual event of Trick or Treating on Hallow’s Eve.

Not only is there Breakfast with Santa, but there are a gazillion Christmas craft options and apparently everyone is doing all of them.  Hello, peer pressure.

I have recently been enlightened about all the different homemade pancake shapes and animals that can be made: reindeers, hearts, snowmen and bunnies.  Mad props to the mommas who do this.  It absolutely is adorable, but I was pretty proud of our {store bought} birthday donuts.

We have a birthday banner that goes up seven times a year.  But according to Pinterest, birthdays should be celebrated by stocking homes full of balloons and streamers; with magnificently themed parties.  What happened to a home-made cake, the bowling alley and friends?

Birth announcements and holiday cards are no longer purchased at the local convenient store.  We now have professional photographer sessions to make the priceless greeting card.

Not only do we have to make the memories, but we have to have the perfect photo-op to commemorate the occasion on social media.  Forget the tree falling and no one there to hear the sound, there’s a new conundrum in town:

if it wasn’t posted on Facebook, did it really happen?

And then we really did it.  Special, decorated, wooden time-out chairs.  Yes, they are cute.  But, I was raised in a time where we put our nose in the corner.  We didn’t have a unique seat to commemorate the punishment.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am guilty of it all.  A Christmas Eve pic of the kiddos in their new jammies is an absolute must for this momma.  And yes, I post it to social media.  Every.year. {insert shaking heads here}.  I absolutely insist on professional photos annually; I love all things pictures.  Any momma and family keeping up with minute-to-minute family traditions is amaze-balls.  Because, it is exhausting.

I don’t know about you, but I keep wondering…

…when did it stop being enough to have simple moments with family?

…why do we have to make everything larger than life?

…why are we trying to trump each other on how special we can make these childhoods?

Let’s be real, if we start with a first birthday party that is circus themed with live animals, catering, bakery cakes, and custom made onesies, then where is there to go?  Their weddings are sure to disappoint at this rate.

Maybe it is time to slow down and make memories that count.  Find the traditions that are meaningful for your family {whether they be majestic or simpleton} and do them… faithfully and affectionately.  Let’s not stress over making everything enchanted; childhood is extraordinary enough.

The most wonderful thing we can do for our children is maintain their innocence.  The most loving gesture we can make is to give them our time.  The most remarkable act we can perform for them is to make the moments we have together matter.


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