Virtual Birth Doula


Every mother deserves

… personalized, continuous, holistic support throughout the course of her labor + birthing journey. Imagine having an on-call Birth Pro with you every step of the way, providing the guidance, deep nurturing and evidence based info you need to confidently make wise and healthy decisions on your birthing day. My job is to help you and your baby achieve the most satisfying birth possible; one that leaves you feeling elevated and joyous! As a Certified Holistic Birth Doula,  Wise Woman Childbirth Educator, former Midwives Assistant and home/waterbirthing mother of two, I bring my extensive training, knowledge and personal experiences with me.  I understand the different stages of labor and how to navigate them, know the latest ACOG Guidelines, and can intuit what a woman needs physically, emotionally and mentally during her transformation from Maiden to Mother. 

Whether you are giving birth in a hospital, birth center or at home, I’ll be there to support your family on this sacred occasion! 

As your Virtual Birth Doula, I will:


  • Work with you during pregnancy to create an evidence based and holistic Birth Plan
  • Offer unlimited 24/7 virtual support (via telephone, text, Facetime, Skype, Google Video Call, etc.) during the entirety of your labor and birth
  • During labor, make suggestions as needed regarding comfort measures, relaxation techniques and positioning to help you have a shorter, easier more comfortable labor
  • Provide info on how to advocate for yourself and communicate with medical staff
  • Help you determine if labor has indeed started and when it’s time to head to your birthing place (or call the midwife to your home)
  • Offer unbiased, evidence based information so that you can confidently make informed and educated medical decisions as they arise in labor
  • Build confidence in your innate courage, wisdom and strength so that you feel empowered, centered and grounded
  • Be your birth partner’s “right hand man” by offering suggestions and guidance on how to nurture, comfort and support you

    Here’s what you’ll get

    • Two, ninety minute Birth Strategy Sessions, during which time we’ll clarify your birth goals and create your Birth Plan . We’ll also dig into THE TOP FIVE things you need to do to have the healthy, happy birth you and your baby deserve. Hiring a doula is one of them; only four more to go! 🙂
    • Four email correspondences. These are client originated; you can ask me any questions you have and I’m happy to provide resources and information
    • The Blissful Birth Blueprint; my thirty page PDF workbook to help you plan, organize and prepare for an amazing pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience
    • The full length feature film “Birth As We Know It” (download)
    •  Unlimited 24/7 virtual support (via telephone, text, Facetime, Skype, Google Video Call, etc.) during the entirety of your labor and birth

    Virtual Birth Doulas are great for

    • Mothers who don’t want extra people crowding their birth space, but who still want someone on stand by to offer guidance, info and support
    • Women having unassisted or free births
    • Those living in areas where doulas are scarce, or who can’t find a last minute local doula
    • If anything, this is a great service for your BIRTH PARTNER! Often times, women rely on their loving (but completely inexperienced and typically scared shitless) significant other to be their primary source of support. Woman to woman support is essential. You need someone that’s been there, done that and knows what you need emotionally, mentally and physically
    • Families seeking a more economical alternative to “in person” doula support which is on average, triple the amount of virtual support
    • Moms that are in labor RIGHT NOW and want immediate support

    I’m in labor right now; is it too late to call you?

    NOPE. Here’s my cell #: 904-444-5200. Give me a ring and if I am available, I’m more than happy to provide immediate and continuous support. If not, I’ll put you in touch with another Certified Holistic Birth Doula right away!