South Florida Magic School Teaches Kids Magic & Important Life Skills


South Florida Magic School is the exclusive licensed presenter of the Discover Magic curriculum for Greater Ft. Lauderdale. We offer a course like no other. 


It’s actually a Life Skills course that’s disguised as a Magic Class!


Designed for 7-12 year olds, our students have so much fun learning and performing magic tricks for each other, they don’t even suspect they’re developing very special and incredibly valuable communication skills, far more important than the tricks themselves.  The magic is like sugar covering up the medicine.

Every class features one of the Traits of a True Magician; things like Respect, Preparedness, Creativity, and Humility. 

Our next Saturday morning session at the Coconut Creek Community Center begins January 6th, 2018, perfect for holiday gifting!


All props and supplies are included in the price. Each student receives personal instruction, custom designed tricks and props, an individualized carrying case, Top Secret file folders, online “video vault” with bonus material, graduation certificate, ceremonial magic wand, and more!